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Styling Experiences


Black Garment Bag (BGB) offers personal styling experiences exclusively for men.  Many men never wear the majority of the clothes they own—repeating the same pieces again and again and essentially wasting their hard-earned money on the items that hang untouched in their closet.  BGB can help you streamline your shopping strategy, develop your personal style, and maximize the potential of every piece you own.  Styling by BGB is an investment that will pay off immediately.  Experiences can be purchased individually or packaged together to create a unique experience especially for you.  

Closet Edit

Let’s meet at your closet!  We’ll go through every piece and help you choose what to keep, alter, donate, or sell. Then I’ll create a prioritized list of new clothes and accessories to buy that will maximize your current wardrobe. You can purchase them over time, keeping pace with your lifestyle and your budget.  After your consultation, I will take your “donate” pile to a local charity, and mail you the tax receipt, if you wish!  Easy! This service is best for first time clients.

Personal Styling

I’ll partner with you to build a wardrobe that ensures consistency with your personal and professional goals.  We’ll identify your personal style. Discuss your current style choices and establish your image objectives.  Learn the best ways to dress for your body type, based on your lifestyle and personality.  Develop a wardrobe plan that suits your wants, needs and style goals, and within your budget.

Custom Clothing

Are you hard to fit? Want to express your personality? Then custom clothing is just for you.  Custom clothing allows you to pick every element of your garment from fabric to buttons.  Our tailor will measure you and incorporate your design specifications to create a better-fitting garment that you’ll love for years to come.  From suits to outerwear, a variety of options are available for your selection.

Outfit Creation

I’ll review your current wardrobe and create new outfits out of existing pieces (including shoes and accessories) to get more wear out of pieces you already own.  I’ll also develop a list of key pieces your wardrobe may be missing.       

Personal Shopping for or with Client

This is where everything comes together as you shop with me to help with sizing, fit, outfit coordination, and determining any necessary alterations. The goal is for you to go home with a few great additions to your wardrobe as well as the knowledge of the best styles, silhouettes, and fabrics for you to look for when shopping on your own.

Pressed for time? I’ll create a curated list of products to buy, based on your preferences, and shop for you.  Items purchased for you will be hand delivered to your home or office.  Once delivered, I’ll have you try on pieces to determine what you want to keep and what you’d like to return.  I’ll handle the returns.

Virtual Styling

Not in Chicago? No problem! I’ll use Skype to connect with you and help you get started on your style journey.  I will create a “virtual closet” for you, online shop and share links so you can make purchases and send you a follow up email to recap our session.    


Special Event Styling           
Have an upcoming wedding, photoshoot, or gala to attend and want to look your very best? I will be on location, to coordinate wardrobe changes and styling for your event. Prior to the event, I will “shop your closet” and make a list if additional pieces/looks are needed.

Contact me today to set up your styling appointment.

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