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My name is AndrÉ wilsoN

I founded Black Garment Bag to collaborate with people who want to find their style.  Black Garment Bag is a style coaching firm with a focus on busy professionals who seek a more polished image.  We are style coaches that love to communicate, listen to your needs, and apply our expertise to create a wardrobe that you'll love. We’ll help you look like the winner that you are, guaranteed.  We offer men and women consulting sessions that assist in finding their personal style, coaching to become their best selves and actualizing the person they aspire to be. 

About André

André is a style coach and model with an innate sense of elevated style that has been sought after by professionals around the country. He founded Black Garment Bag in 2016 to promote the benefits of establishing your brand through style. He spends his days helping men and women find their style, researching style topics and exploring new brands.  André enjoys traveling, reading and accessorizing.   

Man in black tuxedo and bowtie
Stylish man on Gas Meter
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