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IntelliGent: Express yourself

How do you express yourself when everything around you seems to want you to conform? How do you share your personal style with those who may not "get" you? Confidence. Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Of course this can apply to most areas of life but for the purposes of this post, I'll focus on men's style.

There are a variety of sources (social media, magazines, influencers, blogs/vlogs, bloggers/vloggers, brands etc.) available nowadays to provide you with a point of view, style guidance and inspiration. While it is great to have reference sources, you should use them to enhance your own point of view not replace. I'm not suggesting you disregard the information that is out there but don't let it overshadow your own perspective.

Having confidence enables you to take a risk where others may not approve. After all, can you really go wrong with personal style? It is your style. I'm often asked for style advice and what I generally think about before responding is what is this individual's image. In other words, is this person conservative, trendy, classic, whimsical? This frames my response while also challenging them to step out of their comfort zone. So go ahead and mix it up, blend patterns, wear that bow tie you've had in the back of your closet, get that blazer tailored so you can rock it. It's your style, share it with the world and be confident. Just a little advice, you're going for confident not clownish. I suggest pairing your bold, unconventional pieces with pieces that are less bold to balance your look. Stay stylish friends...

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