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New Classics: The Desert Boot

Now that autumn is here, you may be looking for a shoe that can take the place of your Vans or Top-Siders as the weather turns colder. Something that's comfortable, casual, and inexpensive: try the desert boot. Desert boots are also known as chukkas ("chukka" is the word for a period of play in Polo).

Desert boots as we know them today were first formally introduced at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1949 by Nathan Clark of the shoe company Clarks. They were mainly worn by hipsters and college students but became very popular among others. The boot has an international following and appeal to a variety of wearers. When they were first introduced they were made using a sand suede leather and a crepe sole.

Nowadays, there are numerous colors, styles, and materials but the classic shape remains. The options are almost as endless as the fallen leaves on the ground. In addition, the boots are comfortable and wear very well over time. I've worn my boots during a day of walking on uneven pavement and they were very comfortable. And since I live by the motto, "Life is short, buy the shoes", I've acquired several pairs over the years in different colors to complement my wardrobe. I'm not advocating that you do that, unless you want to :).

Typically, these boots are considered more on the casual side, worn with jeans or chinos. However, some of the leather styles would work well for more dressier occasions where an athletic shoe won't do like date night, going out to dinner or catching a movie. So, as you're putting away those summer shoes, don't panic! The desert boot is a great alternative for autumn and beyond. Stay stylish friends...

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