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On Trend: The Monk Strap

I think it was my 9th or 10th summer and I recall being very excited to go shopping. I remember walking into the store and that new shoe smell permeating the air. The salesman approached my dad and I and asked how he could help us. I excitedly said, "I'm getting a new pair of dress shoes!" You see, growing up in my family required that you attended weekly church services and part of the Sunday church uniform required a "nice pair" of dress shoes.

As we looked over the selection of shoes, I saw them, a pair of black monks with a single strap. I knew I had to have them. Sure I had been firmly committed to wearing oxfords or loafers in the past but this time it would be different. I wanted to have these different looking shoes. After cajoling my father, I got them. I didn't know it then but this was the early signs of my love affair with shoes.

Monk straps were originally worn by monks in Europe because they offered more protection than the sandals they normally wore for work. They were a versatile shoe that was hard wearing and could last a long time. I didn't know monks were this fashion forward....

Over the years, Monk straps have maintained their versatility as an all around shoe that can be dressed up or down. They now come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. While, single and double monk straps abound, there are even triple straps! I personally prefer double monks in leather; for my money nothing beats the refinement of leather. Just keep in mind, lots of options are available and you should really find what works for you.

The next time you are shopping for shoes, give monk straps a second look as they will be a welcome addition to your shoe collection. Stay stylish friends...

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