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On Trend: The Slim-Fit Wallet

While out and about recently I noticed a gentleman that was smartly dressed but as I looked further, he seemed to have had a growth on his back side. It was his wallet, or more accurately, a piece of leather stuffed to capacity such that it looked like it needed it's own zip code. It immediately brought to mind the Seinfeld episode where George's wallet finally exploded after being pushed to it's limits:

Of course this is an exaggeration, but I have seen some guys attempt to imitate George's wallet.

Nowadays, there simply is no need to carry your life in your wallet. Most of us carry smart phones which have many apps and features that will allow you to conveniently store loyalty and club cards. Besides, I imagine it's uncomfortable sitting on a over-stuffed wallet for most of the day.

Wallets have been around in some shape or form since the 1600s, however, the modern pocket wallet (the style we most commonly see today) have been around since the 1950s. The pocket wallet is usually has a bi-fold (paper currency is folded once) or a tri-fold (paper currency is folded twice) design and is typically worn in the back pocket. At that time it was necessary to carry plenty of cash, this pre-dates ATMs and widespread credit card usage, as well as other documents like receipts.

Now as society has evolved, the use of plastic is prevalent and the need to carry large of amounts of cash is unnecessary. You can pretty much just carry the essentials: ID, a credit card, a few bills--that's it.

There are several options of a slimmer nature for those looking to pare down and lose the bulge. I prefer a front pocket wallet with a few slots for cards and a money clip for a few bills. Others may prefer a card only wallet or a money clip. Whichever style you choose, just remember it belongs in the front pocket. As menswear has trended toward slimmer fits, a number of designers and brands have noticed and are making wallets in a variety of colors, materials and price points. There is something for everyone. Try a slim wallet, you won't look back. Stay stylish friends...

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