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Street Style: Spring Essentials

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, we can stop hibernating and get ready for spring. It's time to start putting the coats, gloves and the other winter wear away. Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be a little tough especially when there still may be a chill in the air. Here are some ideas to keep you in style as you transition your wardrobe.

Lightweight jacket: think denim, leather, trench, track or a bomber. These jackets are stylish and practical even in a technical fabric to keep you warm even when you're on the go. Step out the box and get a bold color, cool print or even stripes since that is a trend for 2017 to elevate your style.

Cotton or linen unstructured blazer; the warmer months are a time for less rigidity, the best way to embrace this is with an unstructured blazer. You'll look pull together without the stiffness that comes with a wool blazer, besides you feel cooler. Try a color like dusty rose or stone.

Selvedge denim: 12 ounces or less will take you from spring to summer. My favorite brands are Rogue Territory, Naked and Famous and Sugar Cane.

White button down oxford: a crisp white shirt is a year-round staple but even more so in warmer months. Paired with a bowtie, denim jacket and fun sneakers, you have a look that's perfect for date night or hanging out with friends.

Lightweight sweater: typically these have a feel that is much less bulky than a winter sweater and incorporate linen, cotton and other breathable fabrics. Perfect for an evening stroll or nights at the beach.

Wingtips: brogues continue to cut a cool style cue, they can be dressed up or down and look great with selvedge denim. Try a color in the brown family instead of black to really stand out.

Add a statement piece: an eye-catching scarf, a quirky lapel pin, a vibrant pocket square, bold eyeglasses, multiple bracelets in different materials, a watch with a cool strap or dial, fun socks in colorful prints or a great bag all contribute to your overall look. Wearing a statement piece is a sure-fire conversation starter.

Also, remember when it comes to weather changes don't forget skin care and fragrance. You don't want to be the well dressed man with great style and dry skin. Two of my favorites for skin care are Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser from Jack Black and Daily Essential Face Moisturizer from Brickell. The facial cleanser will keep your skin clean, refreshed and invigorated while the moisturizer is light and non-greasy. With fragrance, remember less is more in the warmer months, aim for subtle rather than aggressive.

In addition, this might be a good time to switch up your fragrance since a number of brands make lighter scents for the warmer months or you can use less of your signature fragrance. Comment below with your springtime tips. Stay stylish friends...

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