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Style Inspiration: Human and nature

Nature refers to the physical world including plants, animals, land, soil and other elements of the earth. Man's deep relation to nature and is demonstrated in the world of fashion. Most recently Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake and other design houses have incorporated images into their collections that prominently feature elements of nature from animals to plants. Incorporating nature themes is not a new concept in men's fashion, however, the recent collections are a breath of fresh air that is cool and hip.

Animals and other elements of nature have appeared in menswear for some time now. The fashion world has long accepted and promoted the connection between man and nature in their collections. The emphasis is an effort to reinforce the innate connection humans have to nature and serves as a reminder to appreciate the earth. In an urban environment where distractions are numerous, it becomes particularly important to remember the connection to nature. A possible way to remind one's self is by embracing clothing and accessories that shows imagery related to nature.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci's Creative Director, recently said, "I have a deep interest towards nature, a passion which I guess can be seen through my collections, I have a sort of an animist soul." This is evident in his Gucci Garden collection, an exclusive collection of clothing and accessories featuring vibrant floral prints, animal patterns, butterflies, and a recurring Kingsnake motif. You may have seen some pieces at high end department stores or on your favorite celebrity, the Gucci Garden collection is wildly popular.

The confluence of nature and fashion becomes highly important as designers seek ways to connect, inspire and reflect the tastes of modern society. More and more people are aware of environmental issues and are seeking ways to combine their love of fashion with nature. While wearing a Issey Miyake shirt might not stop global warming it could serve as a silent protestation to what is happening in the world and draw attention to the fragility of nature. Stay stylish friends...

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