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Trip Recap: Milan, Italy Part 1

Taking in the sights and sounds of Milan can be a little overwhelming. There are stylish people everywhere you look and there's an energy here that enlivens you. It's not a forced trendiness but rather a commitment to effortlessness. It's displayed in a scarf loosely tied around the neck, a hat slightly askew, shoes that are bold but not offensive, or a blazer that's understated but also chic. It's in the fit and proportion, never aggressive but always appropriate, swanky but not pretentious.

Strolling down Via Monte Napoleon, I'm reminded why Milan is regarded as the fashion capital. This is not to say other locales don't do fashion well but it is apparent in Milan that fashion is part of its very life blood. From the high end names with which we are all familiar to lesser known (but not less important) brands, Milan doesn't disappoint.

Not only are Milanese world renowned for fashion design but fine tailoring is also synonymous with Milan. There are a multitude of tailors to cater to you and provide you with a custom fit. Of course, one can't visit Milan without taking in the beautiful Duomo di Milano or any number of other pointsof interest. It's clear to see how the fashion industry has been influenced by the architecture. With so much happening in an around the city, the only question is, where to begin? Stay stylish friends...

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