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Trip Recap: Milan, Italy Part 2

On my way back home from Milan, I thought of a couple things about my trip that I wanted to share about Italian tailoring. Tailoring in Italy is taken very seriously, most of the work is done by true artisans who have an eye toward craftsmanship and luxury. I've wondered why fashion and style is so well executed in Italy. Maybe it's because Italians understand their individuality and the power of images or because Italians just want to dress well. Italians prefer to lead, rather than follow fashion.

I had an opportunity to speak with a few tailors while in Milan and what came through was their passion for clothes and the desire to ensure people dress well. Many of these tailors are 2nd or 3rd generation tailors and take a lot of pride in their work.

From understanding fabrics and proportions to emphasizing softness and comfort, Italian tailors work hard to ensure their workmanship maintains the time honored traditions while keeping pace with the times. While some have said that tailoring is a dying art in Italy due to the lack of training opportunities and the rise of designers that bring their own perspective, I think there will always be a need for these artisans to create, refine, and produce garments.

During my time in Milan I noticed the emphasis on fit and construction in menswear that was simple and elegant but also modern. This has renewed in me a pleasure for fashion that's not merely about what one can buy but how one can create their personal style. Rimanere alla moda amici (Stay stylish friends...)

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