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On Trend: The Jumpsuit

Recently there’s been a lot of focus on the male jumpsuit (or romper, onesie, coverall) and whether it’s a new trend to be embraced or rejected.  This really isn't a new trend in menswear but as trends go, it's cyclical trend.  I recall seeing vintage catalogs from the 1970s with men wearing jumpsuits.  The modern jumpsuit is a derivation of the parachute jumpsuit and coverall that is typically worn while performing heavy manual work.  As with most clothing, the fashion world reinterpreted this piece of clothing and now it is a fashion item again.  Having become a fashion item for both men and women, jumpsuits are defined as a one piece garment incorporating trousers and a top with sleeves.  Also, the term romper is usually associated with children’s wear, therefore I prefer jumpsuit. 

Men’s jumpsuit come in short or long trouser styles in a variety of fabrics, patterns, styles and colors.  There is no shortage of options.  However the style that has been getting the most attention lately is the short trouser version.  I suspect you’ll see more and more of these jumpsuits popping up as the summer heats up. 

The male jumpsuit is polarizing with people either loving it or hating it.  Regardless of which side you fall on, it can’t be denied that the male jumpsuit can’t be ignored.    

So why all the fuss?  It appears that some men believe it is too closely linked to women’s clothing and makes a negative association to their masculinity.  I’m not sure how a piece of clothing is an indictment on your manhood, but I digress.  Others think the jumpsuit is impractical.  To this I say, women have been wearing jumpsuits for years and they seem to have found a way to make them work.  Certainly, men can conquer wearing jumpsuits.  I’ve even heard some people say that the jumpsuit is reminiscent of prison wear and why do we want to normalize that look.  I think this is a stretch but I respect the opinion. 

Jumpsuit supporters think it’s a bold, fashion-forward piece of clothing that is long overdue in menswear.  Others view it as simply wearing a matching top and bottom that happens to be attached, no big deal. Still others think it’s an homage to our blue collar predecessors who wore coveralls for work and this is a sentimental way to look back but also move forward.      

Personally, I’ve loved this look for some time now as I think it looks cool and I can see myself wearing it on a number of occasion.  I think it’s bold and refreshing.  Menswear doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to make a splash so we should embrace it for its pure ingenuity and creativity. 

Lastly, we have to get to a place where we let people be themselves and wear whatever the hell they feel like wearing without judgment.  Clothing should be fun and innovative, not conforming and boring.  If this look isn’t for you, and it isn’t for everyone, don’t wear it.  However, if you do decide to adopt this piece of clothing, rock it confidence (sidenote:  check out Mr. Turk for some jumpsuit options  Stay stylish friends… 

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