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Street Style: Summer Footwear

Hi guys, it's that time of the year when we put away those boots and break out our summer footwear. When the temperature rises, you want shoes that are lightweight, bold in color or print and comfortable. Keep in mind, you should select shoes constructed from absorbent, breathable, man-made fibers, such as canvas and leather. There are many options from which to choose, so regardless of the occasion there’s a shoe that’ll work for you. You’ll also need to make sure you have your no-show socks, they’ll protect your shoes from wetness and ensure your shoes last longer. Also, since it is summer, don’t be afraid to roll those pants up and let those ankles breathe or for dressier occasions, have your trousers shortened to show off those great shoes.

After a day of wear, allow your shoes to air dry for up to 24 hours before putting them away. When cleaning your canvas or leather shoes, a toothbrush and dish soap goes a long way in removing surface dirt and scuffs. Below are some popular options. Comment below with your go-to choices. Stay stylish friends…

Slip on casual shoes


Dress loafers

Deck shoes



Low top sneakers

Driving moccasin

Lightweight athletic shoes

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