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On Trend: Printed Pants

Shirts and jackets shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to prints and patterns, let your pants have some fun too.  Printed (paisley, floral, abstract, and etc.) pants are a popular option for guys who want to make a statement and push their style quotient to the next level.  Printed pants usually display bold, eye-catching prints or patterns that immediately grab attention.  

The most common way for guys to introduce printed pants into their wardrobes is with camouflage.  Camouflage looks great when paired with street style looks.

Now judging by the current fashion landscape guys are looking for statement pieces that separate them from the pack, printed pants are one way to do this.  

If this look works for you, you may be wondering how to wear them without looking like wallpaper.  The secret to wearing printed pants is to let the pants make the statement, keep other pieces simple or with minimal details. Depending on the occasion a solid t-shirt, sweater, button -up, or polo looks great with printed pants.  You can even throw on a blazer for a more refined look.  

Printed patterns suits are another option to amp up your style.  I'd keep the shoes solid to contrast with the pants.  Keep accessories minimal as well, you want the pants to be the main attraction.  Let me know how you style your printed pants.  Stay stylish friends...

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