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On Trend: Summer Fabrics

Fellas, it's hot outside and you don't want to be drenched in moisture (read: sweat) when you're out and about, check out these fabrics that'll keep you cool, fresh and ready for whatever. Not only does the summertime bring heat but typically there are a lot of outdoor activities that require you to be in the heat for extended periods of time. From outdoor weddings to street festivals to picnics in the park, there is always something happening during the summer and you want to look your best. Looking your best means being crisp and keeping perspiration at bay. When dressing for warm weather, think light-colored, loose and breathable.

Light colors don't absorb heat as much as darker colors. Light-colored clothing is softer and cooler. Check out this link for help in picking the best colors for your skin tone: Color guide. Looser-fitting clothes allow the body to move without being too constricted which can make you hotter.

In addition, wear breathable fabrics like linen, lightweight cotton, seersucker, madras and tropical wool (less than 10 ounces in weight). Cotton and wool pieces will keep their shape longer, this is important if you'll be attending a more formal event like a wedding or business meeting where a structured silhouette and cut is ideal. For casual occasions where you don't need to be so buttoned, pick pieces that are unlined and lightweight for maximum breathability.

Linen is probably the perfect summer fabric but it creases easily. Linen is breathable, tough and doesn't lose it's shape from stretching. Madras is also a lightweight breathable fabric which is available in a plaid pattern. Seersucker is another lightweight fabric, the puckering is designed to provide a buffer between the skin. You should mix summer fabrics to avoid overkill and have some texture contrast and interest. For example, if you wear a blue cotton suit, add a madras shirt and solid linen tie to complete the look.

Although the summer months present clothing challenges, there are fabrics that work well in the heat and will have you looking your best. In fact some of these fabrics can carry you into the fall season. Let me know what you like to wear during the summer months in the comments section. Stay stylish friends...

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