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On Trend: The Fanny Pack

I know, it's hard to believe but some high end designers are taking a shot at re-introducing the fanny pack. Yes, we thought this much maligned fashion accessory had been banished to the annals of fashion history but not so. Some designers refuse to let it die. Sure the fanny pack has been around since it's introduction in the 80s and it's popularity in the 90s, but it is most commonly associated with unwitting tourists and the style averse. You can typically find fanny packs for sale in souvenir shops and flea markets as well as some discount retailers. The earlier versions were made using synthetic materials and were quite popular as they provided a handy place to store stuff while freeing your hands. However, as fashion trends tend to do, the fanny pack fell out of favor and their wearers became a subject of derision.

Fanny Packs For All

Over the years fashion designers have attempted to create renewed interest in the fanny pack by refining the design, using higher end materials and promoting the accessory as a belted satchel or hands-free bag. All in an attempt to distance the fanny pack from it's geeky history and perceived corniness. The fanny pack has never regained it's earlier levels of popularity but that hasn't stop designers from attempting to give it another go.