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Do men hate shopping for clothes?

Recently, I was asked if men hated shopping? After thinking about this for a few moments, my answer is - not quite. Here's why, men enjoy buying things, they don't enjoy the process of buying things. The difference is subtle but important. Men like to search-and-retrieve when it comes to shopping where as women enjoy browsing. Men prefer to get-in-and-get-out when it comes to shopping. In other words, men prefer to get what they need without clutter and distractions in a laid back environment. Clutter refers to items that they don't need or aren't interested in buying. Distractions can come in the form of pushy sales peoples or when an item isn't accessible because it is locked behind a display case requiring interaction with a sales person. The clutter or distraction that you generally find in traditional brick-and-mortar retailers doesn't necessarily suit the buying needs for most men.

What guys want

Guy's needs are simple. Men prefer to have easily accessible information about items and are open to suggestions on how to wear or use specific items. Guys want to look their best but not waste their time with a tedious shopping experience. Men shop out of necessity or pure desire. So, what shopping channel is ideal for men? Online shopping provides men the information they need to make an informed purchase while allowing them to remain in control of the process. The average male shopper has a need for autonomy and prefers a limited selection from which to choose. Retailers that remove the barriers within the shopping experience will have the greatest appeal to guys.

Why online?

Online shopping platforms have become easier to navigate. Retail Weekly says, " the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home where you can make a considered and thoughtful purchase decision cannot be underestimated." The shopping experience should be an enjoyable activity that allows you to get the information you need to make a decision. Men typically ask a lot of questions and seek out information before buying, but once they buy they become loyal. It's just easier to shop online and this appeals to men. It doesn't require a lot of personal interaction and they can maintain control of process. Simple changes to online operations can help a retailer build a new, loyal customer base.

Final thoughts

If retailers want to reach the men's market in a meaningful way, they'll need to understand the male psyche and tailor the shopping experience to reach these consumers. Men are becoming more brand aware and usually remain loyal if the brand works for them and they have had a positive experience. In addition, men are likely to spend more on items they like. As men's shopping habits evolve, so are their ideas towards the shopping experience. For example, younger men view shopping as enjoyable and see it as a form of entertainment or an opportunity to socialize. Retailers will need to understand generational differences in order to create a shopping experience that appeals to various generations. Let me know how you feel about shopping? Is it a burden or do you find it enjoyable?

Stay stylish friends...

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