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Style Inspiration: Tucked or Untucked?

Wearing your shirt untucked doesn't mean your look is sloppy or unrefined. Some guys want more versatility in their wardrobe and use their button down shirts to achieve a casual look. An untucked shirt is a relaxed style that many men have embraced (especially in America). However, when wearing your button down shirt untucked you should make sure the length isn't too long and the torso fits closer to the body for a better fit. Standard dress shirts are cut longer because they are designed to be worn tucked in your pants. Standard dress/casual shirts are not ideal to be worn untucked, look for brands that are specifically made to be worn untucked. One exception to shirts having equal length in the front and back is the polo shirt. Polo shirts were designed to be tucked in the front and worn longer in the back.

How to wear your shirt untucked

A good rule of thumb for wearing an untucked shirt is that the front of the shirt should fall right above the bottom of the zipper fly or worn at the mid back-pocket. Since men's dress shirts are the same length in the front and back and have the classic curved him so you should be good if you stick to this rule.

Where to find untucked shirts

Brands such as UNTUCKit make button down shirts that are specifically meant to be worn untucked. UNTUCKit's shirts are shorter in length, cut closer to the body and have a curved hemline like most dress or casual button down shirts that look good when paired with jeans. In addition , many custom shirtmakers can make shirts that will look good untucked. Also, you can enlist the services of a good tailor to alter a shirt to be worn untucked.

Final thoughts

Whether you embrace the untucked shirt style or not, you can have a casual look that reflects your lifestyle and personal style. Invest in better quality shirts that incorporate different prints and patterns in your wardrobe and you'll always look your best.

Stay stylish friends...

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