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New Classics: The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is an essential component to your wardrobe especially in summer.  The versatility of the shirt enables you to wear it with shorts or dress it up for more refined occasions.  The modern polo shirt was first worn by Renè Lacoste, a french tennis legend, in 1926.  The shirt was made from a lightweight, breathable cotton called piquè.  The shirt was designed with short sleeves, an unstarched collar (which can be turned up to protect the back of the neck from the sun) a three-button placket (worn buttoned to the top), and available in white.  Earlier styles had a longer rear cut called a tennis tail so the shirt could remain tucked in trousers.  

Polo influence

The polo shirt gained more prominence once polo players saw the benefits of this new lighter less restrictive shirt.  Prior to the polo shirt, polo players wore heavily starched button-down shirts that were inefficient for polo matches.  Lacoste was nicknamed the alligator and this was the inspiration for the popular alligator logo.  

Polo shirt today

The practical nature of the polo shirt soon became desired off the polo field and tennis courts as a dressier alternative to the t-shirt.  Today, polo shirts are available in a wide array of colors and fabrics although piquè remains the classic.  The Lacoste brand was the originator of the modern polo shirt. Other brands have also interpreted the style, however, the overall design remains unchanged. The polo shirt is a wardrobe essential with a rich history and continues to be popular among its wearers.  Let me know how you wear your polo shirt.

Stay stylish friends...

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