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Style Inspiration: 5 Denim brands you should know

Denim is everywhere, it can be worn for for casual and dressy occasions. However, finding a great fitting pair of jeans or a cool denim jacket can be a challenge. Denim brands are making an array of fits, washes and styles at different price points to appeal to many different kinds of buyers. Denim brands are even incorporating other materials into their usual all cotton lineups such as elastane (also known as spandex or lycra) and polyester. Stretch denim allows your denim to retain its shape and conform to your body thus providing a better fit. Here are 5 denim brands (in no particular order) I like and think you'll find stylish, affordable and cool. You should definitely check them out and add a few pieces to your denim stash.

1. Fidelity Denim

I really like these for dressier occasions. They fit like a glove and retain their shape throughout a night of nonstop dancing. The style I prefer is the 50-11, it's a classic straight leg jean that is made with a cotton and polyester blend. The style is very soft and fading is very minimal. The 50-11 has a higher rise in the back to ensure no plumber's crack.

2. Rogue Territory

This LA-based brand is my go-to brand for selvedge denim. The fit and quality are excellent. The denim fades nicely over time and gives a vintage, broken-in look. Remember to size down when purchasing selvedge denim. The denim will mold to your body over time. A good rule of thumb for sizing is that your jeans should fit snug and you shouldn't need a belt to wear them. Check out this link (selvedge explained) for an explanation of the difference between selvedge and non-selvedge denim.

3. Joe's Jeans

This is another option for dressy denim. I wear the Brixton style which is straight leg with a narrow/slim fit. I like to wear a dark indigo color for dressy occasions but the Brixton is available in a variety of colors. This jean is perfect for work or play as it is made with cotton and elastane for durability. Longer inseams are available online for taller guys.

4. Bonobos Travel Jeans

When I travel, I want comfort. The travel jeans from Bonobos provide both comfort and style. The jean is made from cotton with a bit of stretch to ensure you look polished when you arrive at your destination. These jeans are versatile and can be worn for work or play.

5. 7 For All Mankind (or Sevens)

This is a great everyday wear brand, the fit is comfortable and they look better over time. 7 For All Mankind is an LA-based denim brand that was founded with the belief that everyone should own at least 7 pairs of jeans. Not only are Sevens versatile but the array of finishes and fits provide each individual an opportunity to find their own style.

Honorable mention: Levi's

No other brand is more synonymous with denim than Levi's. Levi's are timeless and modern. As tastes and styles have evolved, so has Levi's offerings. Many styles, fits and washes are available. If you are looking for everyday denim, then look no further than Levi's. The brand is over 150 years old and still maintains the high standards of Levi Strauss.

Final Thoughts

Denim is an essential part of everyday life and is in nearly everyone's closet. Finding the right pair can be fun but try different brands and fits to select the one best suited for your body type and shape. Take your time and happy shopping. Let me know what are some of your favorite denim brands.

Stay stylish friends...

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