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Style Inspiration: Yes Fellas, You Can Wear White After Labor Day!

Summer may be winding down but it doesn't mean you can't wear white after Labor Day. In fact, white in the fall looks great and adds a much needed shot of vibrancy when everything is starting to get grey and dark. The "rule" about wearing white after labor day has become outdated and doesn't reflect our need for individualism and self-expression.

How to wear

White jeans are probably most versatile in the fall since white provides a bold backdrop that compliments a range of contrasting autumnal colors. Also, white blazers can work in the fall, the key is balancing the look with a darker, subdued color. Try pairing your white jeans with a field jacket or a half zip sweater for a casual fall look. Check out the images below for some style inspiration. Let me know how you wear white after Labor Day.

Stay stylish friends...

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