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Style Inspiration: How to pull off a statement blazer

A statement blazer is any blazer that features a bold, eye-catching print, fabric, color or pattern that, you guessed it, draws attention. Contrasting your blazer with subtle colors will ensure your blazer is a conversation piece in the right way. Pulling off the look requires balancing your blazer with subtle colors that will provide a nice break for the eye. Statement blazers are a great way to break the monotony of day-to-day wear and they work well for many occasions like date night, parties or any time you want to stand out from the crowd. If you choose your wear your statement blazer with another statement piece, take care to find complementary colors that enhance the jacket rather than detract.

How to wear

After you've selected a blazer, make sure you get it tailored if it doesn't fit right off the rack. You want to make sure the blazer has the best fit possible. The blazer will make a strong statement but if fits poorly, it'll become distracting and noticeable. There is no need to wear a pocket square with a patterned blazer but you could pull off a pocket square with a solid color or with a blazer in a simpler pattern. Let me know if you like statement blazers.

Stay stylish friends...

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