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On Trend: 2017 Men's Fall Fashion Trends

Now that fall is just around the corner let's take a look at some of the trends you are likely to see this season. Many of these trends were presented during New York fashion week earlier this year and they popped up in more than a few designer's collections. As with any trend, some guys will adopt and others won't but do expect to see some variation of these trends during your travels.

Quilted patterns

Much like you have seen in past seasons, quilted patterns, continue to be popular. In addition to outerwear, like jackets and vests, expect to see oversized quilted sweaters, pants and full ensembles.


Neckties are making a return in casual wear. Neckties work well in and out of the office and provide that extra opportunity to express yourself. Feel free to keep it subdued or add a splash of color.