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On Trend: 2017 Men's Fall Fashion Trends

Now that fall is just around the corner let's take a look at some of the trends you are likely to see this season. Many of these trends were presented during New York fashion week earlier this year and they popped up in more than a few designer's collections. As with any trend, some guys will adopt and others won't but do expect to see some variation of these trends during your travels.

Quilted patterns

Much like you have seen in past seasons, quilted patterns, continue to be popular. In addition to outerwear, like jackets and vests, expect to see oversized quilted sweaters, pants and full ensembles.


Neckties are making a return in casual wear. Neckties work well in and out of the office and provide that extra opportunity to express yourself. Feel free to keep it subdued or add a splash of color.

Statement Knits

Expect to see more knit tops with envelope pushing patterns, graphics or slogans. What better way to speak without saying a word than by wearing a statement piece with a ironic slogan!


As you might expect, orange is the quintessential autumn color. Evoking images of fallen leaves and pumpkins, the color is synonymous with fall. However, the color is taking on a new life with varying shades that imbue boldness, warmth and comfort as we head into winter.

Double-breasted suits

The 80s are back! Many designers presented double-breasted suiting in all their boxy, unbuttoned glory. Checkout the movie "American Gigolo" with Richard Gere for a style lesson on how to wear a double-breasted suit.

Pleated pants

Could the return of pleated pants be upon us? Designers presented collections with pleated pants that hearkened back to the '90s. However, these pleats are not just about adding extra material but offering a different point of view on men's pants.

Let me know some of the trends you are looking forward to seeing this fall.

Stay stylish friends...


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