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Style Inspiration: How To Wear A Monochromatic Look

Guys, if you're looking for some outfit inspiration, try wearing a monochromatic look.  You're probably wondering what makes a monochromatic outfit so special, well, it's easy to pull together and stylish.  There are plenty of ways to make a monochromatic look your own.  Wearing a monochromatic outfit doesn't mean wearing the same color from head to toe but rather wearing different shades and tints of the same color.  Although you can wear the same color throughout your outfit, it's more interesting when you mix things up.    

How to wear a monochromatic look

When wearing a monochromatic outfit keep in mind you want balance, color and texture.  These elements will ensure your outfit is stylish and interesting.  Test possible outfits by laying out existing pieces on a flat surface like your floor or bed.  Next, determine what looks good together, what doesn't and what you may need to add to complete the outfit i.e. shoes, accessories, etc.


You can balance your outfit with either color or proportions.  Try to stick to a single color family, however, balance your outfit with different shades and tints of the same color family.  You can also mix proportions to create balance.  For example, wear a chunky cable knit sweater with slim fitting pants.    


Select colors that look good on you.  A great monochromatic outfit can be ruined by an unflattering color.  Perhaps start with grey or blue since these colors are typically flattering on most guys and chances are you already have them in your closet.  


Mixing different textures is a good way to add depth and dimension to your outfit.  Achieving a textured look isn't difficult.  Think about what fabrics feel good to you or which fabrics catch your eye, use this as a guide to determine which materials to incorporate into your outfit.  For example, denim and leather pair well together. 

Final thoughts

Incorporating patterns in the same color family as your monochromatic outfit is also a good way to add some fun and added interest to your look.  Monochromatic outfits make you look taller and leaner by creating a seamless silhouette.  In addition, monochromatic looks are modern and sleek.  Finally, don't forget shoes when you put your monochromatic look together, this could be the added texture, color or balance you need to complete your outfit.  Let me know how you style your monochromatic look in the comments below.  

Stay stylish friends...

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