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New Classics: How to Wear A Field Jacket

A field jacket is an ideal outer layer to wear as fall arrives. The jacket looks sophisticated with jeans and a t-shirt or with a shirt and tie. The field jacket was originally worn by members of the military given it's utilitarian nature. Since its introduction, the field jacket has become a staple in contemporary menswear for it's practicality and ruggedness. The current version of the field jacket was introduced in 1965 and was worn by US troops during the Vietnam War. The jacket was heavier, had more features and withstood varying weather conditions better than the previous version. Also, the updated jacket included larger pockets that provided room for extra gear and was available in olive green. Outside of some styling changes, different materials and other small tweaks the original design has remained the same.

How to Wear

For a casual look: Pair the field jacket with a sweater, jeans and boots or vintage athletic shoes. Desert boots look really great with a field jacket. You can also layer the field jacket with a denim jacket or blazer. Keep in mind that the original field jackets were heavier in weight due to their use in military operations. Today, most guys who wear field jackets won't need the heaviest weighted jackets for mild weather, opt for a medium or lightweight jacket. Medium and lightweight jackets will allow you the best versatility for layering. When layering, think about where you'll wear the jacket and whether or not you'll be outdoors for an extended period of time. This will help you plan how best to layer.

For a dressier look: Pair the field jacket with a dress shirt, dress pants and chelsea boots or dress shoes. Throw in a tie for added style points. The field jacket adds a touch of rugged sophistication to your look. Slimmer fitting field jackets work best with dressier outfits as the slimness of the jacket makes you look sleek, modern and pulled together.

While the traditional field jacket was originally only available in olive green, many different colors are available now. In addition, there are many fabric options and weights from which to choose. Select a field jacket in a color and fabric that looks flattering on you and will enhance your overall aesthetic. Let me know how you style your field jacket.

Stay stylish friends...

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