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Style Talk: How much would you spend on sunglasses?

Recently I came across an article in GQ magazine featuring sunglasses trends and one of the pairs shown retails for $7,600. Yes, you read that right, $7,600. It got me to thinking about how much would I spend for sunglasses. I can certainly appreciate luxury and believe it has its place. However, this seems excessive. But let me describe this particular pair to see if you would consider purchasing them. They are aviators, see photo above, made from 18-karat yellow, white or rose gold and created by Italian brand L.G.R. Aviators are a classic style that look flattering on most face shapes. The brand worked on the solid-gold frames over a year. The sunglasses—available with icy blue, green, or rose-colored lenses—are both stylish and sturdy. In addition to a leather case, each pair also comes with a wood, leather, and velvet box crafted by artisanal leather experts Fratelli Peroni Firenze. The 18K Solid Gold collection is made-to-order. Non solid-gold pairs retail for $320. Given the prestige and high end nature of these sunglasses, are you interested?

How much of a premium do you place on high quality materials, craftsmanship and exclusivity? What is the most you are willing to spend on sunglasses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay stylish friends...

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