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Style Inspiration: 4 Boots for Fall

There are 4 boot styles that will really complement your fall outfits. These boots add depth to your outfit by adding a touch of personality while still keeping you looking sharp. They can take you from the office to the weekend because they are versatile and stylish.

Desert boots

Popular the world over, desert boots (or as they are also known, chukkas) have a versatile yet stylish profile that makes them the go-to shoe for fall. Desert boots were originally available in tan suede with a crepe sole, the boot has evolved to fit changing tastes in styles. For example, desert boots are available in leather and a variety of colors. This makes them adaptable for many occasions not to mention they are very comfortable to wear.

How to wear: desert boots look good with straight or slim fit jeans, khakis and corduroys as they tend to be casual in nature. However, dressier desert boots in leather or suede look great with dress slacks. You can add a sweater and vest up top to give you a complete fall look. Also, since the desert boots have a low profile, you can roll your pants leg up to fall just at the top of the boot to give you a little extra style for casual looks. Wearing your pants over the boots is perfectly suitable too.

Chelsea boots

The slip on boots have experienced a resurgence in recent years as the boot embodies edginess, high style and rock-star energy that's cool and sophisticated. Available in leather or suede, these boots are perfect for those times when you want to make your casual look more refined. Chelsea boots look best with jeans or dress slacks. They should be worn when you want to take your look to the next level and get noticed.

How to wear: Chelsea's look best with slim fit jeans and should fall just above the top of the boot. The rear pull tab of the boot will help your jeans fall into place. To match the sleekness of the boots, keep your entire outfit slim and tailored. When worn with tailored dress slacks, the top of the boot should be covered.

Work boots

Work boots give you an industrial edge that looks perfect for fall. Popularized by factory and construction workers, work boots have a durability and inherent style that many guys identify with and choose to replicate the look in their daily attire. Many styles of work boots have a wedge sole for added traction and comfort which make them perfect for daily wear or to add a cool vibe to your weekend look. Work boots may also have a rubber lug sole too. Work boots look best over time so wear them often to give them that lived-in, kicked-around look!

How to wear: work boots look best with slim fit or straight selvedge or regular denim, especially if the denim is rolled above the boot. Work boots and selvedge denim are a classic combination that is reminiscent of workwear worn in the early 1900's. You can also wear your denim tucked in your boots for a cool street style look.

Utility boots

In either a dress or casual style, utility lace up boots paint a dapper picture for fall style. Utility boots make even the most casual of outfits look elegant. Usually made with a slim profile, these ankle boots just look great. Because of the industrial nature of utility boots, they look better over time.

How to wear: Utility boots look best with slim fit or straight selvedge or regular denim. Roll your pants legs or let them fall over the boot, either option looks good.

Final Thoughts

Whichever style of boot you select, adding them to your wardrobe will give you additional ways to utilize your wardrobe. Wearing these particular styles of boots will give you an edge that will complement your outfit and personal style. Let me know what your go-to shoes are for fall.

Stay stylish friends...

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