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Style Talk: Pajamas aren't just for bed!

Where do you wear your pajamas? Do you even wear pajamas? These might seem like odd questions, but I have a point, I promise. Designers have taken note of the possibilities of sleepwear and are designing stylish sleepwear for men that can be worn either at home or on the street. By using sleeker silhouettes and higher quality fabrics, sleepwear is no longer confined to the bedroom. Traditionally, sleepwear typically features an elastic waist, a looser fit, brushed fabric for softness and in some cases outlandish patterns or themes appropriate for intimate home settings. But this is changing.

So you're wondering, can sleepwear look good on the street or red carpet? Well, yes. The old fashion rules have been turned upside down and guys are increasingly looking for ways to express their creativity and individuality. But just because you can, should you? That's a question you'll have to answer for yourself and the answer depends on how adventurous you are with your style choices. The definition of sleepwear is expanding and what has long been thought of as sleepwear has evolved past being worn exclusively in the home. Sleepwear is now appearing outside the home as a deliberate style choice.

How to wear

To look your best, select pajama pieces that look and feel that they may be made of a high quality (this will present better if you wear outside the home), opt for solid colors or stick with prints and patterns that are muted, and select a slimmer or tailored fit. For maximum impact, wearing the matching top and bottom adds an offbeat quality that says you don't take yourself too seriously but you do bow to the style gods. When wearing the matching set, add a jacket to refine the look. A tailored blazer instantly adds sophistication. Or wear the set without a blazer for a eccentric street style look. For a more eclectic look, pair either the pajama top with a tailored pant or pair the pajama pant with a slim fitting sweater or shirt to create depth.

Personally, I think it's a fun look reserved for a few bold, stylish peacocks that can unapologetically make it work. If you are someone who doesn't wear pajamas, this might be an excuse to investigate a pair explore the possibilities. What do you think about wearing pajamas outside the home? How adventurous are you with your fashion choices? Let me know below.

Stay stylish friends...

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