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Style Inspiration: The Only 3 Sweaters You Need This Fall

Fall weather brings gray days and cooler temps. To combat cooler days, add a sweater. Sweaters are great transitional pieces that are functional, stylish and serve a practical purpose. Below are 3 sweater styles that will keep you dapper all season long. Add these sweater styles to your wardrobe to stay warm and look good.


You can wear a cardigan as a light outer layer or underneath a heavier jacket. The Cardigan is a timeless look that is both classic and modern. Whether you wear a chunky or slim version, there is a cardigan style that will complete your existing wardrobe. Pair your cardigan with desert or Chelsea boots for a cool fall look. Chunky cardigans look great because they add dimension to your look by adding volume.

V-Neck Sweater

V-neck sweaters are a versatile way to dress up or dress down your look. You can wear a V-neck sweater with or without a collared shirt and the impact is still stunning. Get several colors to mix and match but note, solid colors have a slimming effect and patterns add visual interest.

Half-Zip Pullover

A half-zip pullover sweater is another versatile way to add depth to your look. The zipper pull on the sweater can add interest to your overall look especially if it is made from leather. You can wear the half zip with a collared shirt, jeans and loafers for a chic casual Friday look. Or wear it without the collared shirt and switch out the loafers for a dress sneaker and you are ready to run errands on the weekend.

Final Thoughts

Sweaters are great transitional pieces for weather that seems erratic on some days and steady on others. But by wearing a piece that's easily removable, you'll ensure that you are always adaptable to changing temps while still looking stylish and modern. Let me know what article of clothing you are looking forward to wearing this fall.

Stay stylish friends...

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