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Style Inspiration: Think Tweed

Are you looking for a new blazer to add to your wardrobe this fall? Think tweed, as in a tweed blazer. Tweed is no longer relegated to guys of a certain age. Today's tweed blazers are cut slimmer, weight less and look very modern. The texture of tweed is sophisticated and adds an air of refinement to even the most casual look. A tweed blazer works in an office setting, date night or a trendy party and pairs well with jeans and boots. Check out the images below for style inspiration.


The model is wearing a casual, trendy look. The Nehru style tweed blazer is complemented by the gold corduroys. Note the contrasting pocket square that ties the look together.

Layering the tweed jacket with a turtleneck sweater and jeans is another casual look that's easy to pull off. Adding accessories like a scarf and a newsboy cap adds depth to the outfit.

A muted look is perfect for occasions where you want your outfit to be more subtle. Combine dark colors with different shades of the same color family to pull the look off with ease.


For a buttoned-up office look, add a vest and tie of different fabrics to add texture to your look. Not only are the different textures interesting to look at but they are great to touch. Finish your outfit with a pocket square.

On a crisp night, a tweed blazer is the perfect outer layer. Adding a scarf and going tie-less creates a unique look that's all your own.

A tweed blazer and a sweater are a classic fall combination. Depending on the thickness and sizing of your sweater you may need to size up your jacket to get a proper fit.

Another classic combination is a crew neck sweater and tweed blazer. Add a sweater with a pattern or print to add visual interest to your look.

Coffee Date or Date Night

Yes, you can even wear a tweed blazer with a hoodie. Pair your blazer with a lightweight hoodie and slim or straight fit jeans to keep the proportions sleek. This is a great outfit for a fall coffee date or hanging out with friends.

An alternative to the classic tweed pattern is a solid tweed blazer. Pair a solid tweed blazer with a printed pant for a dramatic look.

Adding a shirt with a bold, colorful pattern will enliven your look. Keep the other components of the outfit subtle so as not to compete with your shirt.

Final Thoughts

Tweed blazers are a fall staple that will take your wardrobe to another level. Brown and grey are the most versatile colors for tweed blazers and provide the most options to mix and match. Select a fit that will look good on you, if you are between sizes I recommend taking your blazer to a tailor to ensure a proper fit. What do you think about tweed blazers? Will you be wearing one this fall?

Stay stylish friends...

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