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Style Talk: 3 Menswear Brands You Should Check Out!

Fellas, are you looking to take your fall wardrobe up a notch? These 3 brands will give you a much needed style upgrade. Whether you are looking for something funky and graphic, subtle and traditional or functional and stylish, these brands will certainly deliver. Check out these brands for stylish and affordable options that will keep you looking great.

Massimo Dutti

I first discovered this Italian brand in Barcelona a few years ago and instantly felt an appreciation for the quality and style. There are retail stores in North America and of course online ( If you are looking for classic pieces that will withstand the ever changing fashion landscape, Massimo Dutti is a worth a look. Combining sophisticated silhouettes and Italian tailoring, the brand brings an elegance and class to menswear that is accessible and urbane. Massimo Dutti provides a full range of pieces from outerwear, suiting, casual wear, shoes and accessories that will complement your look.


For those looking to add some eye-catching street style to their wardrobe, look no further than ElevenParis ( This Parisian streetwear brand is available in the US and worldwide. Taking cues from the music industry, you can let your inner rockstar break free. Designs are creative and ultra-contemporary and will add an urban sensibility to your look. Keep in mind, ElevenParis updates their designs often to ensure the latest graphics are available so check in often to see what new designs are offered.


Pronounced "core", this performance brand offers pieces that encourage an active lifestyle. Using performance fabrics that are versatile and functional, you can easily go from work to workout. Pieces include moisture-wicking, odor resistant, stretch fabrics that have been engineered to provide a stylish look while still allowing you to move. As active lifestyles become more popular, having clothing that doesn't restrict you is essential to driving healthy behaviors.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of choices for men's brands and finding a few that match your aesthetic can be difficult. However, staying true to your personal style will help you weed out brands that aren't a good fit. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and try something new. Keep in mind, ensuring a proper fit will go a long way in keeping you stylish and looking pulled together. What are some of your favorite brands? What makes these brands special? Let me know.

Stay stylish friends...

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