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On Trend: The Future of Sneakers

Dior Homme Trainer, Price available in store,

Clunky, oversized, ultramodern, and cool are all appropriate adjectives to describe the recent crop of high fashion sneakers that look more at home on the moon than on the streets. Designers are eschewing sleek and basic sneakers for those with more of a, ahem, presence. The shoes are notable for their bloated soles, slick colorways, blend of high end materials, and flamboyant style. Part of the appeal is that they are considered so ugly that they are cool. Fashion often pushes the limits and this trend might indeed push the limits to the extreme. For fashion forward guys looking to stand out from the crowd and make a statement these sneakers fit the bill. Most wearers of these shoes will find that they complement current streetwear styles.

Yeezy Wave Runner 700, $300,

Adidas x Raf Simmons Ozweego III Sneakers, $500,

Many athletic companies like Reebok and Adidas have partnered with high end designers to create collections that are eye-catching and statement-making. While these shoes are functional as sneakers, the main appeal is the opportunity for the wearer to get noticed. Celebrities have gravitated to these types of shoes for their distinctiveness eccentricity.

Reebok x Vetements Instapump Fury, $150 - $600,

Triple S Sneakers, $850,

Whether you find these shoes ugly or not depends on your personal preference but you can't deny these sneakers elicit a reaction. Do expect to see some variation of these styles trickling down to your favorite everyday athletic brands. Let me know what you think.

Stay stylish friends...

Sofiane Sneakers, $510,

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