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Style Inspiration: Corduroy Done Right

Fall is the perfect time to throw on a pair of slim fitting corduroys with a light sweater or button down shirt and your desert boots (chukkas). Corduroy cast a refined image and instantly upgrades your casual look. The velvet texture and deep color of corduroys will give your outfit depth and visual interest while providing a stylish and sophisticated fall look. Corduroys are perfect for business casual office settings and are a great alternative to denim and chinos. You can dress them up for dressier occasions like dinner out and date night or keep them casual. Browse through the images attached to this piece for some corduroy inspiration.

A dressed up corduroy suit that is slim fitting and modern. This is a smart look that is appropriate for work or the weekends.

Casual outfit with dark cords, t-shirt and denim jacket. Blend fabrics to create a contrast of textures.

Layer your cords with a blazer and sweater for a classic fall look that is stylish and sophisticated.

Brightly colored cords are a fun alternative for casual outfits, pair with boots or sneakers to complete the look.

For an upscale business casual look, cords are a great canvas to build a look around. Try pairing your cords with an eye-catching blazer and cool shoes to really step your look up.

Cords are a cool alternative for officewear. If you wear a bold color, keep your other pieces neutral to create balance.

Sweater and cords, quintessential casual fall style.

Adding a leather jacket adds a urban quality to your cords and ups your style game.

Final Thoughts

For a modern look, slim-fit, straight leg cords with no pleats look best. The narrower the wale (cord) the more contemporary you'll look. Most retail stores carry standard wale corduroys which is what you will typically see being worn today. The standard wale is 11, this refers to the number of ridges per inch. The lower the number of wales, the thicker the width. Ignore the stigma that corduroy may have and give it a try. Let me know if you plan to wear corduroy this fall.

Stay stylish friends...

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