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Style Inspiration: Outerwear That's The Perfect Cold Remedy

When it comes to outerwear for the colder months, guys you only need 3 coats to take you from fall through winter. When the wind chill dips, layering is essential. However, wearing the right outerwear will ensure you are always ready for the weather, even when it changes in a moment's notice. These 3 coat styles offer warmth, comfort, sopphistication and versatility.

The Quilted Jacket

For those days when you need a light jacket to wear over your sweater, the quilted jacket is perfect. Filling the void between wearing no jacket or a heavier layer, the quilted jacket is an ideal piece to add to your cold weather arsenal. The jacket can be light or medium weight and stylish. It provides a nice alternative to the many banal jackets you are sure to see on the streets during the cold months. In addition, you get a great outer layer without the excess bulk.

The Pea Coat

For colder temps, a 100% wool pea coat is just what you need. Heavy wool is a great defense against strong winds and chilly days. For added protection, raise the collar to block cold air from your neck and use the built in upper pockets to keep your hands warm. Thanks to the double-breasted design, pea coats look good in casual and dressy settings. Style tip: try wearing your pea coat over a hooded sweatshirt for a casual weekend.

The Parka

Parka's have a reputation for being bulky and cumbersome, but alas, today's parka's are cut slimmer with a modern silhouette to reduce the excess fabric. The reduction in bulk doesn't mean that the coat is less warm. In fact, manufacturers have gotten more efficient in their use of materials used for designing coats. So much so that parkas are sleek and can provide more than adequate warmth and protection from the cold. Some parka styles even incorporate real fur which give them a luxurious look and feel.

Final Thoughts

The weather may be getting colder but that doesn't mean you can't look good while keeping warm. Make sure you select the right size for your jacket or coat to ensure a proper fit. The right fit will make your coat look better, as if it was tailored to fit. Don't forget to enliven your coat with an eye-catching scarf or other cold weather accessories like hats and gloves. Or conversely, you can get a coat in a bold color, but tone down the accessories to muted colors to avoid a color clash. Let me know what your favorite style of coat is and how you wear it.

Stay stylish friends...

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