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New Classics: Don't Forget Your RAINcoat!

My earliest memories of raincoats were that they weren't particularly stylish. The bright yellow color, the rubbery, slick-to-the-touch feel, all seemed very utilitarian but not very fashionable. You would see an occasional rain slicker that looked cool, successfully melding function and fashion. However, by and large, most were not. Today, raincoats have come into their own. Many designers and brands have recognized that guys prefer to combine function and fashion. There's no reason why your complete wardrobe, including outerwear, can't be tasteful, modern, stylish and functional. For the urban gent, there are two types to consider, dress or casual.

Dress Raincoats

Dress raincoats are typically worn for more formal occasions where you want to present a polished image like at the office or for meetings. Narrow shoulders and close-fitting are some of the features to look for in a dress raincoat. You would expect to see dress raincoats in muted or dark colors.

Casual Raincoats

Usually featuring a looser fit, relaxed shoulders and a hood, casual raincoats provide versatility that will take you from the workweek to the weekend. Casual raincoats look best over midweight layers like a slim sweater or cardigan, denim shirt or unstructured blazer.

Final Thoughts

Staying dry in the stormiest of weather is essential but you can still look good in the process. Not only are today's raincoats waterproof or water-resistant, but the fabrics used are breathable and light. This makes the raincoat ideal for layering for colder months when it rains or keep it light for spring and summer. You can also wear a raincoat when, brace yourself, it's not raining. What do you think about raincoats? Let me know.

Stay stylish friends...

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