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On Trend: Who Loves Hoodies?

The hooded sweatshirt or hoodie is a versatile layering piece for colder weather. It is both comfortable and stylish. In addition, it is the number one stolen item of boyfriends and husbands! It's no wonder why, the warmth of a hoodie appeals to everyone. Not only does a hoodie look good as a layered piece but it looks good when worn by itself. You can style it with many different outerwear options to get the maximum use from your hoodie. For those who like variety, hoodies come in full-zip or pullover versions for added style ideas.

Hoodies are also available in light, medium and heavy weights to better enhance your layered look. The hood can be worn in place of a hat and can protect your neck from cold wind. The hoodie is a functional and stylish piece that is a wardrobe essential. Whether you are running errands or just hanging out on the weekends, a hoodie is a cool piece that's perfect for most casual occasions. Check out the images below for some hoodie style inspiration. Let me know how you wear your hoodie in the comments below.

Stay stylish friends...

Hoodie + Blazer

Hoodie + Bomber Jacket

Hoodie + Puffy Vest

Hoodie + Overcoat/Peacoat

Hoodie + Leather Jacket

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