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Style Inspiration: Gray Days

Over the past few years the color gray has become increasingly popular for clothing and accessories. Once thought of as dull and drab, gray is now the go-to color for adding depth and dimension to a an outfit. The tonal qualities of gray are subtle and relaxing. Gray is a great balance between the intensity of black and the impracticality of white. The muted gray color palette is an ideal backdrop for accent colors to pop and stand out.

From coats to shoes, and everything in between, gray hits the mark when you want to go beyond basic black, navy or brown. Incorporating various shades of gray can help you pull off a modern monochromatic look or you can use gray pieces to accent your outfit. Gray is a versatile color that adds depth, calms the eye and works well year round. Scroll through the image gallery below for ideas on how to put gray into play in your wardrobe.

Stay stylish friends...

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