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On Trend: Backpack Attack

Backpacks have become a popular accessory for men in recent years. In fact, sales of men's backpacks have grown steadily over the past two years. According to retail market research company, NPD, Inc., sales increased 5% to $864 million between August 2016 and August 2017. This represents 48% of the entire U.S. backpack market. No longer relegated to school campuses and outdoor enthusiast, backpacks have grown up. What was once viewed as utilitarian has become sophisticated, upscale and stylish.

High quality leather and other materials have been used to upgrade the backpack. Odd shaped, large, slouchy bags in polyester have been replaced with slim, structured bags in leather, suede or technical fabrics. As business attire has become more casual and many corporate environments reject formality, the backpack is a perfect accessory to complement the lifestyle of today's man.

Backpacks are a great alternative to a briefcase, tote bag or cross-body bag. Innovations in the construction of backpacks have made them lighter and more comfortable to carry. Choosing a backpack is simple, think sophisticated minimalism. In other words, a slim profile without the bulk. Backpacks are ideal for traveling, running errands or for any occasion where a bag is needed. What do you think about backpacks? Do you think backpacks work in business environments? Let me know.

Stay stylish friends...

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