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Rain Shoes for Any Occasion

Every guy needs a pair of water resistant shoes when rainy weather strikes. The well dressed man should always be prepared for whatever situation arises. On the plus side, you may already have water resistant shoes in your closet but probably don't think of them that way. In this piece we define the terms water resistance and waterproof and give you some ideas on shoes you should check out. After all, no guy likes soaked shoes and wet feet when they are out on the town or heading to the office.

Water resistant vs. waterproof...

Sometimes the terms water resistant and waterproof are used interchangeably but there is a distinct difference. Waterproof means the product completely resists the entry of water into it. While, water resistance means that the product has the capability of resisting water from entering into it to a certain extent. The level to which the entry of water is resisted can vary from product to product. The term waterproof is used less commonly today due to governmental regulations around verification and investigations of the accuracy of advertising and product labeling.

Here are a few rain shoe styles that'll keep your feet dry when it rains:

Leather Sneakers Or Shoes With A Rubber Sole

Leather shoes you already own are suitable for rain if the leather is treated or waxed. A rubber sole shoe prevents water from seeping in and will dry quickly, especially if you take time to add extra waterproofing protection before slipping them on. No foul weather will get through these shoes to harm the construction of the shoe, or the wearer. Rubber soles provide traction and stability in wet weather. Leather shoes are the most comfortable for walking, standing and driving.

Nike Air Force Ones, $90

Caterpillar Dougald Canvas Oxford, $90

Rain Sneakers

For a sportier option, check out rain sneakers which are a rubber rain boot - high top sneaker hybrid. Rain sneakers look like high top trainers for those who want to use them as a sporty option. Or you can go with waterproof trainers that are actually an athletic shoe. Rain sneakers aren't suitable for the working out. However, waterproof trainers are because they have the flexibility and support needed for a medium to high impact workout.