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Classic Cashmere

The luxurious warmth of cashmere wool has long seemed unobtainable for many but with increased production, cashmere is more accessible and affordable than ever before. Gentlemen seeking to elevate their wardrobes should consider adding a cashmere wool piece or two. The sumptuous fabric is soft, durable and warm and instantly refines your overall look.

What is cashmere wool?

Cashmere wool is produced using the fine undercoat fiber of the Cashmere goat and other related species, which originate from the Kashmir region of Nepal. These goats produce a double fleece consisting of two layers – the outer layer consists of a coarse hair, providing a water-repellent barrier for the undercoat, which is composed of soft, insulating ultra-fine hairs. It’s this soft undercoat hair that’s used to produce cashmere wool.

Why the expense?

Cashmere has different grades of quality, according to where it is taken on the goat – the throat and under belly yield the softest wool, so yarn made from these fibers is particularly premium, usually with a price tag to match. The cultivation, gathering and processing of the raw material is a long and labor intensive process.

What's the Return on Investment?

Investing in the right cashmere, will bring both longevity and luxury to your wardrobe. If cared for properly, your cashmere garments will outlive your usual run-of-the-mill knits, easily earning back their initial outlay.

How to wear

Cashmere sweaters and cardigans are perfect for layering over button-down shirts and tees on the weekend or pairing with work shirts and suiting for the office. For a more modern approach on days-off, you could try a cashmere hoodie – sporty luxury at its finest. Cashmere accessories such as scarves (as I'm wearing in the photo), gloves and hats are also great for adding a sophisticated touch to your winter looks. Why not finish off a wool coat with a contrasting color cashmere scarf or a pair of cashmere gloves?

Cashmere is no longer a frivolous indulgence but a superior piece of fabric that should be incorporated into the wardrobe of any style conscious, established gentlemen. Choose the best quality you can afford and you'll have superb insulation that will outperform other types of wool.

Stay stylish friends...

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