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Layering for Transitional Weather

Layering is the common practice that you would do almost every day during this most anticipated and style friendly season of the year – fall. Layering creates interesting and stylish combinations for your appearance. It also allows you to transform certain looks and styles based on the weather. It has then become the most essential skill to be learned by every man.

If you think layering is just as simple as putting a sweater over a shirt or adding a jacket over a t-shirt, then you are just half correct. The art of layering involves more than that. You have to be tactical when you pair the outfits and be sure all of the paired items should have little or more connection between them. The most common mistakes of layering are wearing an unmatched color combination, wrong boots were chosen or bought the wrong sizing.

Here’s how to layer:

  1. Base layer - short or long sleeve t-shirt in cotton.

  2. Middle layer - a bold printed shirt like an overshirt or denim shirt over a white t-shirt, cardigan over shirt, sweater over shirt or sport jacket over t-shirt.

  3. Top layer - peacoat, parka, bomber jacket, shearling jacket, denim jacket, leather jacket or trench coat for formal occasions.

While it may be tricky when choosing the right clothes to pair, all you have to keep in mind is when you remove a certain piece of cloth from your body, will other layers still equally look as great? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you are on the right track.

Let me know how you layer. Thank you for reading. Please like, comment and share.

Stay stylish friends...

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