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Street Style: The Tote Bag

Fellas, which bag can effortlessly take you from work to gym to errands to weekend getaway? A tote bag. I know what you're thinking, "the old canvas bag your grandma carried to pick up vegetables from the farmer's market?" Ha, not exactly; sure the functionality is the same but today's tote bags have evolve into modern accessories for the style conscious. No longer are tote bags reserved for people of a certain age, today's bags come in an array of fabrics, materials, styles, and colors. While recently carrying my tote bag, I was asked, "what do you have in that thing?" and my answer was, "everything!" I carry mine everywhere and it adds a level of sophistication and class. The tote bag is just as at home on the fashion runways of Milan as it is in the most Midwestern of cities.

Even high-end designers like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent have taken note of this style staple and put their own unique spin on it, making it masculine and practical while style conveying a modern aesthetic.

The next time you're heading to work or to the beach, ditch the middle school backpack and grab a tote bag. You'll instantly step up your style game! Stay stylish friends...

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