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Stepping Out In Spring Style

Updated: May 11, 2020

Man in Blue Blazer

Hey guys, here's an outfit idea for your next spring outing. Pair a linen blazer with a light colored oxford shirt, dark slacks and double monk strap shoes. It's a casual look but you still look polished. The linen blazer I'm wearing is unlined and unstructured which gives the look a an informal, relaxed silhouette. Linen is a terrific option for warmer weather, it's lightweight and breathable. There are some blazers made with a linen and cotton blend to provide a bit more structure to reduce wrinkling so that's an option if you dislike the wrinkling effect from 100% linen. Wrinkled linen doesn't bother me since it contributes to the laid-back look. For additional interest, I accented the blazer with a floral pocket square for some added flair.

man in blazer and brown sunglasses

Wearing dark slacks adds contrast since the eye is drawn downward. This contrast gives the look balance and depth. Light up top and dark on bottom is a pretty standard approach to styling. On occasion, I do flip this approach but typically I like the look of this presentation.

man in blazer on steps

To anchor the look, I'm wearing the stylish and modern double monk strap shoe. The narrow toe box helps to elongate the leg giving a contemporary aesthetic. I like the cognac color as I find it to be very versatile. Find a pair that you'll be able to pair with both dressier looks as well as casual looks.

man in blazer and brown shoes

If this is still too dressed up for your idea of casual, swap out the oxford shirt for a V-neck t-shirt and low top sneakers. It's an effortless approach to casual but the addition of the blazer will still make it look stylish. Let me know what you think.

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Stay stylish,


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