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One Way to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Like I mentioned earlier this week on Instagram, bomber jackets are one of my favorite springtime outerwear essentials. I picked this one up from Banana Republic a few years ago but it's still current. The key to dressing well is buying classic pieces that will withstand trends and fads. Sure you can accentuate your wardrobe with trendy accessories but I would exercise some restraint and not get carried away.

Bomber jackets are known for their short length, fitted waist and cuffs and sleeve pockets. The design tends to be more casual but you can also get a dress bomber. Usually, the material is a little more refined and dressy which is great for wearing with business casual attire.

I opted for a little flourish by adding a scarf and leather tote to take this look to the next level. You can get really creative with accessorizing your bomber jacket. It really depends on how adventurous your willing to go.

What do you think about the way I styled this bomber jacket? Do you plan to purchase a bomber jacket this spring?

Thanks for reading. Please comment, share and like.

Stay stylish friends...

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