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On Trend: Camel, 3 Ways...

Camel is a rich, golden tan shade that's ideal for fall/winter. The color is versatile and works with soft neutral shades as well as with browns, grays and blues. You can add camel to your winter outfit as an accessory like a scarf or you can make it the main piece like a coat. If you'd like to give camel a try this season, below are some styling ideas to get you started.


A camel colored coat or blazer is a smart choice to add an unexpected element to your dress look. You can opt for a monochrome outfit or add contrasting colors to make the camel color pop. The key is to ensure you have the proper fit. You want to ensure that you have a contrast of proportions for a modern look. For example, if you're wearing a tailored navy suit, opt for a slightly oversized, unstructured coat to give you a sleek look. The proportions of the oversized coat and slim suit play well off of each other and will make you look smart and refined. Also, if you go for a bold camel print or texture as a statement piece, pair it with muted shades like grey, cream or pale blue to maintain balance.


Camel can be dressed down as well. A camel coat over a hoodie is a cool street style look that will definitely get you noticed. Wearing a camel coat with joggers or jeans This will give your camel coat more variety for the winter season and add some refinement to your overall style.


If wearing a camel coat is too showy for you, try adding camel as an accessory. A scarf, gloves or hat will all add a sophisticated element to your winter ensemble. Accessories in camel will allow you to get a feel for the color and how it best fits into your winter wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

Camel is versatile color that will add distinction to your winter wardrobe. When worn with contrasting colors, camel really looks great. While it may not be the obvious choice when shopping for your winter outerwear, camel is a modern, stylish color that deserves consideration. Let me know if you plan to experiment with camel this season.

Stay stylish friends...

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