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Style Inspiration: 5 Essentials for a Fall Trip

With fall in full effect, a getaway is inevitable. Whether it's a roadtrip to see your alma mater play the big game, a holiday dinner with family or a getaway to a foreign land for some adventure, you'll invariably need to take a trip during the fall season. Packing these 5 essentials will ensure you look polished while you're away.


Blazers are easily packable in your luggage or you may choose to wear it to minimize wrinkles. Just take it off an fold it in half if you'll be sitting for an extended period of time. A blazer is a smart choice and it easily upgrades your style. Blazers provide a nice layer of protection for cold weather.


A hoodie is a versatile choice and it serves a practical purpose. You can wear it by itself or underneath your blazer for a layered look. A slim fit hoodie is a chic choice.


Don't forget your hands. On those cold days or nights, you'll be glad you brought gloves along for your trip. A pair of driving gloves are a welcome addition when you touch a cold steering wheel or if you'll be strolling the city on an urban adventure, gloves will come in handy.

Dark denim with stretch

Dark jeans with stretch are a travel must. The dark color denim is versatile and can work in casual day settings or dressier evening occasions. The added bonus of stretch will allow your denim to maintain their shape even if you have to wear them the entire day. The stretch also makes them more comfortable for traveling.

Desert boots

Desert boots in charcoal, tan or brown look really good with dark denim. The boots are dressier than sneakers but more casual than dress loafers. Desert boots are very comfortable for all day walking and always look appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Planning your trip is the fun part, bringing along the essentials will make sure you focus on fun. Carrying all your gear in a great leather duffel bag or weekender is the perfect complement to your fall travel. A duffel bag is effortless and polished, you just grab it and go. Also, don't worry about your leather bag fading over time, that's how leather adds character. Your bag is meant to represent your travels and great stories. Let me know where you're heading this fall and what you're bringing.

Stay stylish friends...

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