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On Trend: Paris Street Style

The French have long been know as arbiters of style and good taste, now that I'm here in Paris I understand why. It's a uniquely Parisian perspective that drives their style and aesthetic choices. Maybe we can chalk it up to a signature European approach to style or the cosmopolitan nature of Paris. In Paris, men's street style is characterized by fit (slim), color (dark and muted) and proportion (oversized, tailored, etc.). Paris street style is reminiscent of the counter culture rebellion of the late 1950s through the early 1970s. At that time, many rejected convention for individualism as a way to rebel against their parents and what they believed to be oppressive government actions. The easiest way to do this and make a statement was through their dress. Yes, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are prevalent in Paris but the way in which the wearer presents them is what is different.

I've noticed some guys in Paris are very much into dark colors and monochrome looks. While others tend to want to make a bolder statement. In either instance, the contrast of styles is both modern and vintage; visually appealing and unexpected. It is this combination of styles and point of view that create a unique style that is quintessentially Parisian. It doesn't look dated but there is a hint of '60s hipster bohemian, it's not entirely modern but not entirely vintage either. Existing somewhere between both eras is the sweet spot. In addition to the clothes, Parisians have embraced a carefree, effortless attitude toward clothes. Simply stated: if you like it, wear it. This attitude adds to the chic appeal of their style.

I'll be keeping my eye on the street style here. What do you think of Paris street style? What's your street style approach? Let me know below.

Stay stylish friends...

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