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Style Inspiration: 5 Holiday Outfit Ideas That Don't Include Wearing A Blazer

Dressing for the holidays should be fun. However, with the number of dinners, parties and gatherings that invariably happen this time of year, finding outfits that look great can be a challenge. Take a moment, breathe, you may already own pieces that'll look great for a holiday gathering. Many times guys think wearing a blazer is the only way to dress up a look; it's not. Here are some alternatives that, with a little imagination, look just as pulled together and don't include wearing a blazer.

If style and comfort is what you're looking for a button-down, casual shirt worn untucked with dark jeans is a cool choice. You're dressed but not stuffy. Check out UNTUCKit for some shirt options.

A v-neck or crew neck sweater worn with dark denim or dress slacks looks modern and dressy but not over done. Dark denim and slim dress slacks create a lean silhouette that flatters the body.

A turtleneck is a dapper option and it looks great paired with slim fitting pants. Turtlenecks are a little dressier but not uptight.

A shawl collar sweater worn over a high quality t-shirt and jeans is a casual combination that's easy and laid-back.

Pairing a vest and slacks is a trendy look. Try replacing the button down shirt with a turtleneck or festive t-shirt to ensure you won't get mistaken for a waiter.

Once you've selected your outfit, make sure the fit works. Pieces shouldn't be too tight or too baggy, instead they should be fitted allowing you to move freely without constriction. Complement your outfit with statement shoes or accessories to make your outfit stand out if you're feeling it's too basic. A bold shoe or eye-catching piece of jewelry will draw attention and it's a great conversation starter that'll break the ice at the office Christmas party. Also, don't forget a fragrance to finish off your look. Your fragrance should be subtly applied to your pulse points (neck and wrists). That's all you need! Popular winter fragrances for men typically contain woody notes like oakmoss, sandalwood, oud, cedar, rosewood or amber.

You don't need a blazer to complete a sophisticated look. Good fit, quality fabrics and personal style will elevate any look. By using a little imagination, guys you can find a holiday ensemble that'll strike a stylish tone. Let me know what your go-to outfit is for a holiday party. Do you prefer dressier or casual looks for holiday events?

Stay stylish friends...

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