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Be the best dressed guy at the Office

How many times have you been at the office preparing for a meeting or presentation and didn't feel quite right? You knew the presentation material like the back of your hand but something still seemed off. You look down and notice your shoes aren't as polished as they should be or your shirt doesn't look crisp. Not feeling confident in your appearance can undermine your preparation because you aren't fully ready. I've certainly been there and it can be a distraction. To prevent this, I've made a decision to mainly have clothing that's professional, tailored and classic in my closet so I always look my best. This allows me to focus on more important matters like work priorities or hobbies.

Your clothes send a message to others about who you are and how you would like to be perceived. In the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, psychologists M.R. Solomon and J. Schopler found that "contrary to commonly held beliefs, men have been shown to be often more self-conscious than females with regards to their personal dress sense and the way in which they are viewed in public". Clothing can impact your self-image.

In addition to clothing choice, body language also factors into how people are perceived. Combining great clothing choices and positive body language will contribute to the overall image you present to others and make you the best dressed guy in the office. Ensuring you feel confident, successful and in control is what you want especially in business settings. This is not to say that if you lack these factors you'll be negatively perceived. On the contrary, being aware of how others perceive you will inform your clothing choices and corresponding body language. Whether you work in a conservative or relaxed office environment, you can still be the best dressed. It doesn't matter if you are required to wear a suit or not, you can still look polished and well put together. Dressing well doesn't mean wearing the most expensive clothes but being conscious of your clothing choices and fit.

You don't need a ton of clothing options, just a few well-tailored pieces that are versatile. You can even mix-and-match pieces to create multiple looks. Check out this link for ideas on how to create a work wardrobe on a budget that will give you several style options: work style. Also, browse the images in this post for work wear ideas and inspiration. Share your best dressed moments in the comments below. How important are clothing choices to you? Does your confidence improve when you are well dressed?

Stay stylish friends...

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