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70s style at NYFW Fall 2018

While the expression, "everything old is new again" is often overused, let's make an exception for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018. Paying homage to style elements from the glam rock and disco era, many designers used the 1970s as a muse for their collections. Don't be alarmed, the pieces do not look dated. Instead, many are fresh, exciting and eminently wearable. Below is a summary of looks epitomizing 70s style and influence.

1. Tom Ford sent metallic blazers down the runway that were sleek, sexy and modern. Playing up texture, luxurious suede jackets and fur-lined coats made a bold showing on the runway as well. Think Studio 54 glamour and excess.

2. Pyer Moss used exaggerated flared-leg pants to punctuate western wear creating a wild-west-meets-city motif. Flared-leg pants and leisure suits are synonymous with the 70s, Moss used a decidedly bold approach to draw attention to proportions and silhouettes. Moss head designer Kerby Jean-Raymond is positioning his streetwear collection to move beyond cult status.

3. Raf Simons took things a step further with his eponymous line. He incorporated messages that referenced 70s drug culture. Emblazoned on untucked dickeys and hoodies, the messages were captivating even if self indulgent. Vogue Magazine contributor, Nicole Phelps notes, "we’re dubious that those sweatshirts will open up a dialogue about addiction, though they will surely have Simons’s addicts eager for a fix. There was more than a winking nod here to the glamour and allure of illicit substances".

Society shaking off the remnants of the turbulent 1960s, looked to the 70s for a return to fun and simplicity. The clothing reflected the cultural mood of the time. Yes, there were questionable choices but what would fashion be without some missteps. There is a wealth of inspiration to revive and re-imagine. Menswear blog, The Idle Man, published a piece on 70s style. In the piece, the reader is encouraged to experiment with 70s style in moderation. Pieces like denim, leather jackets and the mixing of different textures are all versatile and easy to modernize.

Design elements from the 1970s still have relevance in today's fashion world. However, fashion and trends are cyclical, we'll continue to enjoy iterations of styles from previous decades even if it's a reminder to leave some things in the past. Do you think the 1970s were a stylish decade? Please comment below.

Thanks for reading and stay stylish friends...

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