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The Fashion industry sexual abuse Scandal

The Boston Globe capped off New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 with the publication of their piece on sexual exploitation and abuse in the fashion industry. It is alleged that some high profile designers, photographers, stylists, agents and other industry professionals have engaged in sexual harassing behavior. This account comes on the heels of the New York Times article on male models and sexual exploitation where famed photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber are named as alleged sexual predators.

Mario Testino

Bruce Weber

Both pieces dovetail with the #metoo movement. Both male and female fashion models leveled allegations against many prominent people in the fashion industry. In the Globe story, Patrick Demarchelier, who was Princess Diana’s personal photographer; David Bellemere, whose photos have appeared on the covers of Elle and Marie Claire Italy; and Greg Kadel, who has shot for mega brands like Victoria’s Secret and Vogue are alleged to be sexual predators. All who have been named have denied the allegations.

Patrick Demarchelier

For a fashion model, success is the ability to incite desire. The job requirements often include nudity and feigning seduction; provocation is a lever for sales. In the industry, boundaries between the acceptable and the unacceptable treatment of models have been etched in shades of gray. The fashion industry